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"Refreshingly short on pretension, the Balancing Act navigates a tightrope of irreverence." - Rolling Stone

"...it's about subtlety and sincerity, not just musical muscle flexing." - Spin

"...lyrics that insightfully examine the modern mindset." - People Magazine

"...the coolest band in America." - Chicago Reader

"These guys make you smile and think at the same time, a balancing act indeed." - The Phoenix New Times

"...the Balancing Act's style deftly eludes classification." - Creem

"...sprightly folk-rock with unlikely premises that make strange yet poignant sense" - Melody Maker

"These guys are on to something." - Cash Box

"The tunes travel all over the musical map guided by a seasoned ear for irresistible hooks." - Minnesota Daily

"...imagine the Violent Femmes after 50 swats." - Jet Lag

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