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Why can't I just E-MAIL you through a link? | Will you answer my E-MAIL? When?

E-Mail handler stopped functioning from late February 2013 to mid-March 2013. It is working again and I apologize for any inconvenience.

TVHeads users, please check the FAQ before e-mailing.
Do you have a news-related question about a network, anchor or reporter? Use the TVHeads.com message boards.
Scanning Requirements for Contributors
Have a question about the Northern Virginia area? Please post your question on the NorVApics.com message boards.
Questions about the Kansas City area? Here's the link for the OldKC.com message boards.

Will generally not respond to:

can I have a free password to access the image gallery without contributing anything?
can you give me images for my book, movie or website? (generally no)
can you put me in touch with one of your contributors?
do have you plans to carry?
this isn't on your site but do you have? (no)
general questions about television anchors
how do I contact television anchors?
where can I find this toy or toy replica?
why don't you have pictures of?
are the ticket scans at LookForStubs.com for sale or trade (only the stubs listed here)
are the ticket scans at LookForStubs.com available for download (no)
is this NorVApics.com image for sale or available for download? (no)
is this OldKC.com image for sale or available for download? (no)
is this HighSchoolTown.com image for sale or available for download? (no)

Will you answer my E-MAIL? When?
Due to the large volume of mail sent to GoGoMag.com on a daily basis we have had
to re-prioritize how we respond. High Priority Subjects are answered immediately -
generally within an hour or certainly same day. Low Priority Subjects may take
a week to 10 days before response. If you have sent a message that qualifies
as a High Priority Subject and you have not received a response in a reasonable
amount of time make sure to check your spam filter or bulk mail folder.
We no longer respond to EarthLink/Mindspring accounts.

High Priority Subjects - Immediate Response
issues with orders or subscriptions
contributions of materials or information to NorVApics.com, OldKC.com, the Tickets gallery etc.
information about the GoGoMag.com websites - errors, corrections, site down etc.
new sales/purchases - toy replicas, cds, yearbooks, photographs, slides, phone directories

Low Priority Subjects - Response in 7-10 Days
business opportunities/partnerships/advertising
information requests about GoGoMag.com websites
bio requests
link exchanges

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