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2017 Journal

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01/01/17 - Now entering our 18th year of operation.

"12" now on Pandora Radio which updated our "Similar Artists"

PT Walkley
Paul Hyde
Souvenirs (Rock)
Liam Hayes
Yukon Blonde

01/03/17 - The MOTO died. The beat does not go on.

01/31/17 - Spent the night hammering out challenges presented from replacing the MOTO sound card with a Focusrite card that Steven insisted that I mention in the blog but I cannot recall the model number. I went all no-comma in that last sentence. Hope you enjoy my new direction.

02/07/17 - Recorded drums for Fountain of Youth.

03/14/17 - Brought a demo of Hiding a Slave for us to rehearse too. Spent the evening struggling with the arrangement.

04/17/17 - Still recording drums. Did Hiding a Slave a few weeks ago and Puff Adders last week.

04/18/17 - Got enough to assemble Puff Adders. Also did a slower, groovier version. Developed a strategy for recording the multi-tempo'd Little Shootin' Elvis.

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