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2017 Journal

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01/01/17 - Now entering our 18th year of operation.

"12" now on Pandora Radio which updated our "Similar Artists"

PT Walkley
Paul Hyde
Souvenirs (Rock)
Liam Hayes
Yukon Blonde

01/03/17 - The MOTO died. The beat does not go on.

01/31/17 - Spent the night hammering out challenges presented from replacing the MOTO sound card with a Focusrite card that Steven insisted that I mention in the blog but I cannot recall the model number. I went all no-comma in that last sentence. Hope you enjoy my new direction.

02/07/17 - Recorded drums for Fountain of Youth.

03/14/17 - Brought a demo of Hiding a Slave for us to rehearse too. Spent the evening struggling with the arrangement.

04/17/17 - Still recording drums. Did Hiding a Slave a few weeks ago and Puff Adders last week.

04/18/17 - Got enough to assemble Puff Adders. Also did a slower, groovier version. Developed a strategy for recording the multi-tempo'd Little Shootin' Elvis.

05/02/17 - Knocked off Little Shootin' Elvis. Just leaves Old Into Young to do next week.

05/09/17 - Recorded drums for Old Into Young as forecasted on 05/02.

06/20/17 - We finished recording drums (may have to re-record some cymbals) and were ready to begin tracking in earnest when we started encountering severe computer errors. Fixed a bunch of registry errors and were able to listen to a few tracks tonight before it became unusable again. Going to wipe and reinstall Windows 7 next week.

06/27/17 - Before wiping the computer, Patrick decided to check to see if he sample rate was the same for every device Pro Tools was using. Seemed to work. Actually recorded some scratch guitar parts for Puff Adder as a test!

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