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2018 Journal

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01/01/18 - Now entering our 19th year of operation.

01/03/18 - Spent the session talking.

01/10/18 - Recorded acoustic and electric rhythm guitars for Breeders. Solos next week.

01/17/18 - Tried improvising some solos for Breeders but didn't get anything. Going to come back next week with prepared offerings.

01/24/18 - Patrick and I added guitar solos to Breeders.

02/21/18 - Back after nearly a month off. Mostly caught up. Manley back from being repaired so we'll do some vocals next week.

02/28/18 - Hooked up the Manely and it sounds great. P and I both added backing vocals to Breeders and I had a go at the lead vocal. Next week I'll have another go and then we'll start on Bossa Nova.

03/07/18 - Sang verses and bridge for Breeders. Patrick sang chrous and added harmonies. P added some guitar noodling to Bossa Nova with a Nashville-tuned acoustic. Next week we'll add bass.

03/28/18 - Worked on the bass line for Bossa Nova.

04/10/18 - While comping Steven's bass line Patrick hit on an especially exciting measure that we squirreled away to mess with next week.

04/17/18 - Worked on expanding the little groove we found last week. Added percussion, bass, vocals and a variety of keyboard bits.

05/08/18 - Spent the sesssion talking and then listening to tracks from one of our team member's new solo record. You're in for a treat.

05/15/18 - Fooled around with bass parts for Dust. Listened to a few songs to see what we should start on next. The Wall.

05/22/18 - Worked on building bass parts for The Wall.

06/12/18 - Finished up The Wall. Just waiting on vocals. Staring on Little Shootin' Elvis next week.

06/19/18 - Started working on bass parts for Little Shootin' Elvis. Marveled that we are still working together.

06/26/18 - Still working on bass parts for Little Shootin' Elvis.

07/10/18 - Finished building Little Shootin' Elvis bass parts. Really came out nicely.

07/24/18 - Rough night with ghosts and machines but Patrick got it sorted out. We still have the new loop song, Miss Majesty, Old Into Young, another one of Patrck's and Hiding A Slave to do. Also need to come up with another song or two if we're going to release our usual dozen.

08/21/18 - Teamed up on the Hiding A Slave bass line.

08/28/18 - Brought in my scratch vocals and keyboard parts for the loop song. Patrick spent most of the session organizing it. Added some guitar parts.

09/04/18 - Wrote words and recorded some vocal takes for the loopy song for Patrick to work with tonight. Patrick added some additional vocals.

09/25/18 - Steven recorded a bass part for the outro of Hiding a Slave. I think this one is in the can, whatever that means.

10/03/18 - Patrick imported some bits from me for the loop song, Hiding a Slave and Puff Adders. We added some reverby guitar parts to Hiding a Slave using Steven's sexy new pedal.

10/09/18 - Imported my vocals for The Wall. Patrick played his what he has so far for Miss Majesty and Old Into Young.

10/16/18 - Imported my vocals for Little Shootin' Elvis. Steven added some bass bits to Miss Majesty using the P bass and an old Kent violin-shaped bass.

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