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Girl for Samson - "MPC" Lyrics

Iím sick of my body
Iím ready to move to a new home
Where should it be?
I may never know, at least I am ready

My seashell is broken
Thereís sand between my knees and toes
I'm falling apart, but wouldn't you know?
Water surrounds me

Ooh, ooh, floating westward paradise
The salty taste is kind of nice and soothing
Ooh, ooh, the current washes me ashore
Sanguine pleasures are such a vice and lovely

Green plastic soldiers never seemed so lucky to me
Are their souls green? God is so mean
Fixed fast and frozen focused on the enemy
Are their souls green? God is so mean
Was that the best that he could do?

Bones are for breaking
Flesh is for scraping on the shells
You know that sand, cannot hold a man
Whoís bent on drowning

What waves in the green breeze
Some bit of white that mars the blue
bobbing along, encircled in rings
That grow all around me

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