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Photo Album - Dean Davis Family
1950s-1960s Dean Davis Family These are all from the Dean Davis family (perhaps from Georgia?) who appeared to travel extensively throughout the Western US including Georgia, Lucky Lodge, Arizona, Bahamas, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, Utah etc. in the 1950s and 1960s. The husband was an avid hunter and virtually every trip results in him proudly displaying a yield of conked-out fish or fowl! They were also quick to take pictures of un-conked wildlife. Scenes take place in the air, woods, mountains, lakes, streams, cities and at home. Is this your family?

1950s-1960s A lot of about (and I am guessing so please don't sue me if there are 999 slides) 1000 slides. There is a carousel slide tray box lid full of loose slides, another tray box lid with one column of slides and about 18 small yellow boxes with a varying number of slides in each. It also includes 8 Argus boxes - mostly full.
vintage family slides
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Black Bear
Bahamas Airways
Goat Drawn Wagon
Bird on Vintage Car
Ivar's Fish Bar
Cove Restaurant, McDonalds
White Bear
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