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Journalists, Editors, Columnists, Reporters - Female

Mary Kay Cabot
Cleveland Plain Dealer
Picture of Mary Kay Cabot
Sharon Jayson
USA Today
Picture of Sharon Jayson
Amy Brightfield
Woman's Day
Picture of Amy Brightfield
Jackie Calmes
The New York Times
Picture of Jackie Calmes
Maggie Overfelt
Fortune Small Business
Picture of Maggie Overfelt
Rachel Zalis
Style Expert
Picture of Rachel Zalis
Valarie D'Elia
Travel Journalist
Picture of Valarie D'Elia
Lisa Lee Freeman
Picture of Lisa Lee Freeman
Cindi Leive
Glamour Magazine
Picture of Cindi Leive
Melanie Mannarino
Redbook Magazine
Picture of Melanie Mannarino
Tiffany Wilson
Picture of Tiffany Wilson
Heather Morgan Shott
Better Homes and Gardens
Picture of Heather Morgan Shott
Suzan Colon
O Magazine
Picture of Suzan Colon
Angela Burt-Murray
Essence Magazine
Picture of Angela Burt-Murray
Shasha Dai
Dow Jones Reporter
Picture of Shasha Dai
Belinda Luscombe
Time Magazine
Picture of Belinda Luscombe
Katie Connolly
Picture of Katie Connolly
Deborah Snoonian
This Old House Magazine
Picture of Deborah Snoonian
Alison Brower
Redbook Magazine
Picture of Alison Brower
Lisa Benenson
Hallmark Magazine
Picture of Lisa Benenson
Cheryl Kramer Kaye
Redbook Magazine
Picture of Cheryl Kramer Kaye
Jennifer Skalka
Picture of Jennifer Skalka
Elise Viebeck
The Hill
Picture of Elise Viebeck
Mireya Navarro
The New York Times
Picture of Mireya Navarro
Vera Sweeney
Picture of Vera Sweeney
Sharon Terlep
Dow Jones Newswire Reporter
Picture of Sharon Terlep
Helen Cooper
The New York Times
Picture of Helen Cooper
Niesha Lofing
The Sacramento Bee
Picture of Niesha Lofing
Danielle Kyrillos
Picture of Danielle Kyrillos
Katherine Mangu-Ward
Reason Magazine
Picture of Katherine Mangu-Ward
Molly Goodson
PopSugar.com Blogger
Picture of Molly Goodson
Tina Brown
The Daily Beast
Picture of Tina Brown
Natasha Korecki
Chicago Sun-Times
Picture of Natasha Korecki
Amy Goodman
All You Magazine
Picture of Amy Goodman
Janice Min
US Weekly
Picture of Janice Min
Jill Martin
US Weekly
Picture of Jill Martin
Hilary Leila Krieger
The Jerusalem Post
Picture of Hilary Leila Krieger
Jennifer Sullivan
The Seattle Times
Picture of Jennifer Sullivan
Suzanne Rust
Real Simple Magazine
Picture of Suzanne Rust
Camille Chatterjee
Redbook Magazine
Picture of Camille Chatterjee
Sandra Sobieraj Westfall
People Magazine
Picture of Sandra Sobieraj Westfall
Allyson Waterman
Lucky Magazine
Picture of Allyson Waterman
Vicky Ward
Vanity Fair
Picture of Vicky Ward
Susan Crabtree
The Hill
Picture of Susan Crabtree
Elizabeth Williamson
Wall Street Journal
Picture of Elizabeth Williamson
Jay Newton Small
Time Magazine
Picture of Jay Newton Small
Katie Benner
New York Times
Picture of Katie Benner
Alex Bandon
This Old House Magazine
Picture of Alex Bandon
Gretchen Morgenson
The New York Times
Picture of Gretchen Morgenson
Monica Davey
The New York Times
Picture of Monica Davey
Heidi Raykeil
Literary Mama Senior Editor
Picture of Heidi Raykeil
Linda Fears
Family Circle Magazine
Picture of Linda Fears
Laura Rowley
Yahoo! Finance Columnist
Picture of Laura Rowley
Sarah Humphreys
Real Simple Magazine
Picture of Sarah Humphreys
Sonia Alleyne
Black Enterprise Magazine
Picture of Sonia Alleyne
Mary Margaret
Radar Online
Picture of Mary Margaret
Lisa Daftari
Time Magazine
Picture of Lisa Daftari
Sara Carter
Washington Times
Picture of Sara A. Carter
Nicole Maestri
Picture of Nicole Maestri
Melanie Bromley
US Weekly
Picture of Melanie Bromley
Laura Rozen
Foreign Policy Magazine
Picture of Laura Rozen
Wendy Naugle
Glamour Magazine
Picture of Wendy Naugle
Amy Bohutinsky
Picture of Amy Bohutinsky
Hilary Kramer
"AOL Money & Finance" Editor
Picture of Hilary Kramer
Jodi Kantor
The New York Times
Picture of Jodi Kantor
Pamela Geller
Atlas Shrugs Blogger
Picture of Pamela Geller
Liz Vaccariello
Prevention Magazine
Picture of Liz Vaccariello
Natalie Thomas
US Weekly
Picture of Natalie Thomas
Maria Cramer
The Boston Globe
Picture of Maria Cramer
Lucy Kellaway
Financial Times
Picture of Lucy Kellaway
Louise Story
New York Times
Picture of Louise Story
Maggie Reardon
Picture of Maggie Reardon
Donna Leinwand
USA Today Reporter
Picture of Donna Leinwand
Christine Frietchen
Picture of Christine Frietchen
Amy Palmer
In Touch Weekly
Picture of Amy Palmer
Tara Palmeri
Washington Examiner
Picture of Tara Palmeri
Kathleen Parker
Washington Post
Picture of Kathleen Parker
Kinsey Schoenfeld
Picture of Kinsey Schoenfeld
Susan Davis
Wall Street Journal
Picture of Susan Davis
Tricia O'Brien
American Baby Magazine
Picture of Tricia O'Brien
Dana Points
Parents Magazine
Picture of Dana Points
Cathy Areu
Catalina Magazine
Picture of Cathy Areu
Lisa Taddeo
New York Magazine
Picture of Lisa Taddeo
Sarah Ellison
Picture of Sarah Ellison
Nicole LaPorte
Daily Beast
Picture of Nicole LaPorte
Colleen DeBaise
Wall Street Journal
Picture of Colleen DeBaise
Ylan Mui
Washington Post
Picture of Ylan Mui
Isabel Kaplan
Picture of Isabel Kaplan
Kerry Picket
Washington Times
Picture of Kerry Picket
Piper Kerman
The Daily Beast
Picture of Piper Kerman
Lynnley Browning
The Daily Beast
Picture of Lynnley Browning
Ereka Vetrini
In Touch Weekly
Picture of Ereka Vetrini
Rebecca Davis O'Brien
The Wall Street Journal
Picture of Rebecca Davis O'Brien
Heather Cabot
The Well Mom
Picture of Heather Cabot
Jia Lynn Yang
Washington Post
Picture of Jia Lynn Yang
Shushannah Walshe
The Daily Beast
Picture of Shushannah Walshe
Genevieve Shaw Brown
Picture of Genevieve Shaw Brown
Sarah Newell
Picture of Sarah Newell
Judy Battista
NY Times
Picture of Judy Battista
Kelsey Hubbard
Wall Street Journal
Picture of Kelsey Hubbard
Kirstin Benson
Picture of Kirstin Benson
Celia Walden
The Daily Telegraph
Picture of Celia Walden
Katie Pavlich
Picture of Katie Pavlich
Monica Hesse
The Washington Post
Picture of Monica Hesse
Ellen Byron
Wall Street Journal
Picture of Ellen Byron
Michelle Fields
The Daily Caller
Picture of Michelle Fields
Laura Brown
Harper's Bazarr
Picture of Laura Brown
Annie Karni
The New York Times
Picture of Annie Karni
Francesca Levy
LinkedIn Today
Picture of Francesca Levy
Delia Gallagher
Inside the Vatican
Picture of Delia Gallagher
Annie Lowrey
New York Times
Picture of Annie Lowrey
Irin Carmon
Picture of Irin Carmon
Abigail Tracy
Vanity Fair
Picture of Abigail Tracy
Jazmine Ulloa
Boston Globe
Picture of Jazmine Ulloa
Bahar Takhtehchian
Shape Magazine
Picture of Bahar Takhtehchian
Amber Phillips
Washington Post
Picture of Amber Phillips
Dana Mattioli
Wall Street Journal
Picture of Dana Mattioli
Sharyl Attkisson
Former CBS Capitol Hill Correspondent
Picture of Sharyl Attkisson
Katherine Timpf
Picture of Katherine Timpf
Laura Bassett
Huffington Post
Picture of Laura Bassett
Mia Saini
Forbes Video Network
Picture of Mia Saini
Campbell Brown
Picture of Campbell Brown
Jillian Melchior
National Review
Picture of Jillian Melchior
Adrian Granzella Larssen
The Daily Muse
Picture of Adrian Granzella Larssen
Heidi Przybyla
USA Today
Picture of Heidi Przybyla
Shelby Holliday
Wall Street Journal
Picture of Shelby Holliday
Sara Germano
Wall Street Journal
Picture of Sara Germano
Haley Edwards
Time Magazine
Picture of Haley Edwards
Kimberly Kindy
The Washington Post
Picture of Kimberly Kindy
Catherine Lucey
Associated Press
Picture of Catherine Lucey
Chassie Post
Picture of Chassie Post
Sarah Spagnolo
Picture of Sarah Spagnolo
Erin Schumaker
Huffington Post
Picture of Erin Schumaker
Jacqui Gifford
Travel + Leisure
Picture of Jacqui Gifford
Alex Swoyer
Washington Times
Picture of Alex Swoyer
Emily Jane Fox
Vanity Fair
Picture of Emily Jane Fox
Erin Delmore
Picture of Erin Delmore
Alyona Minkovski
Picture of Alyona Minkovski
Megan Twohey
New York Times
Picture of Megan Twohey
Melanie Zanona
The Hill
Picture of Melanie Zanona
Lauren Goode
Picture of Lauren Goode
Pema Levy
Picture of Pema Levy
Rachael Bade
Picture of Rachael Bade
Liz Goodwin
Boston Globe
Picture of Liz Goodwin
Lauren Moraski
Huffington Post
Picture of Lauren Moraski
Eliza Collins
USA Today
Picture of Eliza Collins
Seung Min Kim
The Washington Post
Picture of Seung Min Kim
Courtenay Brown
Picture of Courtenay Brown
Jill Dougherty
Picture of Jill Dougherty
Jean Guerrero
Picture of Jean Guerrero
Alexis Coe
Presidential Historian
Picture of Alexis Coe
Mina Kimes
Sports Reporter
Picture of Mina Kimes
Chabeli Carrazana
Economy Reporter
Picture of Chabeli Carrazana
Mara Schiavocampo
Picture of Mara Schiavocampo

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