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Militiary, Terrorisim, Analysts, Authors, Contributors, Etc.

Andy Borowitz
Picture of Andy Borowitz
Evan Kohlmann
International Terrorism Consultant
Picture of Evan Kohlmann
Gerald Posner
Terrorism Analyst
Picture of Gerald Posner
Erick Stakelbeck
Terrorism Analyst
Picture of Erick Stakelbeck
Walid Phares
Terrorism Analyst
Picture of Walid Phares
Matt Foreman
National Gay & Lesbian Task Force
Picture of Matt Foreman
Mansoor Ijaz
Terror Analyst
Picture of Mansoor Ijaz
Joe Solmonese
Human Rights Campaign
Picture of Joe Solmonese
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Environmental Advocate
Picture of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Joe Canose
Christopher Reeve Foundation
Picture of Joe Canose
Phil Flynn
Energy Analyst
Picture of Phil Flynn
Afshin Rattansi
Picture of Afshin Rattansi
Tino Struckmann
Picture of Tino Struckmann
Peter Bergen
Terrorism Analyst
Picture of Peter Bergen
Roger Cressey
Terrorism Analyst
Picture of Roger Cressey
Reza Aslan
Picture of Reza Aslan
Peter Neumann
Terrorism Analyst
Picture of Peter Neumann
Grier Weeks
Picture of Grier Weeks
Joel Osteen
Lakewood Church Pastor
Picture of Joel Osteen
Robert Strang
Investigative Mgt. Group
Picture of Robert Strang
Gen. Barry McCaffrey
Military Analyst
Picture of Gen. Barry McCaffrey
Col. Jack Jacobs
Military Analyst
Picture of Col. Jack Jacobs
Tom Adkins
RE/MAX Fairlawn
Picture of Tom Adkins
Douglas Murray
Picture of Douglas Murray
David Zinczenko
Picture of David Zinczenko
Father Jonathan Morris
Fox News Contributor
Picture of Father Jonathan Morris
Derek Sivers
Owner, CDBaby.com
Picture of Derek Sivers
Charles Payne
CEO of Wall Street Strategies
Picture of Charles Payne
Mike Baker
Fomer CIA
Picture of Mike Baker
Peter Brookes
Heritage Foundation
Picture of Peter Brookes
Pierre Rehov
Movie Director
Picture of Pierre Rehov
Peter Mirijanian
Public Relations Consultant
Picture of Peter Mirijanian
Michael Barrett
Homeland Security Analyst
Picture of Michael Barrett
David Nadelberg
"Mortified" Producer
Picture of David Nadelberg
Steven Cook
Consultant To Iraq Study Group
Picture of Steven Cook
R.P. Eddy
Former NSC Terrorisim Director
Picture of R.P. Eddy
Eric Metaxas
Picture of Eric Metaxas
John Prendergast
International Crisis Group
Picture of John Prendergast
Stephen Saloom
Innocence Project
Picture of Stephen Saloom
Shum Preston
Gay Activist
Picture of Shum Preston
Peter Sprigg
Family Research Council
Picture of Peter Sprigg
Tony Perkins
Family Research Council
Picture of Tony Perkins
Bobby Trendy
Interior Decorator
Picture of Bobby Trendy
Richard Miniter
Terrorism Expert
Picture of Richard Miniter
Marc Klaas
Child Advocate
Picture of Marc Klaas
Fraser Seitel
Crisis Management Expert
Picture of Fraser Seitel
Jack Hanna
Director Emeritus, Columbus Zoo
Picture of Jack Hanna
General Wesley Clark
Military Strategist
Picture of Wesley Clark
Art Hogan
Jefferies & Comapny
Picture of Art Hogan
Kevin Godlington
Picture of Kevin Godlington
Dana Vachon
Author & Blogger
Picture of Dana Vachon
Neil Hamburger
Picture of Neil Hamburger
Stephen Prothero
Picture of Stephen Prothero
Marc Lamont Hill
Temple University
Picture of Marc Lamont Hill
Steve Emerson
Terrorisim Analyst
Picture of Steve Emerson
Jonathan Hoenig
Capitalistpig Hedge Fund
Picture of Jonathan Hoenig
Howard Bragman
Picture of Howard Bragman
Joe Watson
Picture of Joe Watson
Michael Levine
Crisis Communications Expert
Picture of Michael Levine
Frank Gaffney
Center For Security Policy
Picture of Frank Gaffney
Neil Hare
Global Vision Communications
Picture of Neil Hare
Ken Sunshine
Public Relations Consultant
Picture of Ken Sunshine
Wayne Pacelle
Humane Society President
Picture of Wayne Pacelle
Boyce Watkins
Syracuse University
Picture of Professor Boyce Watkins
Barry Mano
National Association of Sports Officials
Picture of Barry Mano
Edward Beck
Priest & Author
Picture of Father Edward Beck
Christopher Hitchens
Author, "God Is Not Great"
Picture of Christopher Hitchens
Ibrahim Hooper
America-Islamic Relations
Picture of Ibrahim Hooper
Jeff Goodell
Picture of Jeff Goodell
Abbas Milani
Stanford University
Picture of Abbas Milani
James Patterson
Bucknell University
Picture of James Patterson
Imam Shamsi Ali
Jamaica Muslim Center
Picture of Imam Shamsi Ali
William Bennett
Claremont Institute
Picture of William Bennett
Al Mohler
Southern Baptist Reverand
Picture of Al Mohler
Shmuley Boteach
Rabbi & Author
Picture of Shmuley Boteach
Miles Copeland
Entertainment Executive
Picture of Miles Copeland
Robert Draper
Picture of Robert Draper
Jonathan Graff
University of Texas
Picture of Jonathan Graff
Michael Sheehan
Terrorisim Analyst
Picture of Michael Sheehan
Brian Jenkins
Terrorisim Analyst
Picture of Brian Jenkins
Mike Lyons
Military Analyst
Picture of Mike Lyons
The Greg Wilson
Picture of The Greg Wilson
Bill Donohue
Catholic League
Picture of Bill Donohue
David Batstone
"Not For Sale" President
Picture of David Batstone
Tracey Bailey
Association of American Educators
Picture of Tracey Bailey
Kato Kaelin
Picture of Kato Kaelin
Franklyn Richardson
National Action Network
Picture of Franklyn Richardson
Jesse Lee Peterson
Picture of Jesse Lee Peterson
Chuck Nash
Military Analyst
Picture of Chuck Nash
Michael Ledeen
Picture of Michael Ledeen
Tom Anderson
MySpace.com Co-Founder
Picture of Tom Anderson
Chris DeWolfe
MySpace.com Co-Founder
Picture of Chris DeWolfe
Jim Walsh
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Picture of Jim Walsh
Glynn Birch
Picture of Glynn Birch
Jack Rice
Former CIA Operative
Picture of Jack Rice
Martin Andrews
Victim Advocate
Picture of Martin Andrews
Stephen Flynn
Council on Foreign Relations
Picture of Stephen Flynn
Chris Miller
Picture of Chris Miller
Chuck Pena
Terrorism Analyst
Picture of Chuck Pena
Gary B. Smith
Exemplar Captial
Picture of Gary B. Smith
Oderus Urungus
Gwar Singer
Picture of Oderus Urungus
Whitney Tilson
Tilson Fund
Picture of Whitney Tilson
Omar Wasow
Internet Analyst
Picture of Omar Wasow
Warren Buffett
Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway
Picture of Warren Buffett
Mark Zandi
Moody's Economist
Picture of Mark Zandi
Jimmy Wales
Wikipedia Founder
Picture of Jimmy Wales
Charles Massimo
CJM President
Picture of Charles Massimo
Ashwani Kaul
Reuters Senior Market Analyst
Picture of Ashwani Kaul
Mike Darda
MKM Partners
Picture of Mike Darda
Rob Bartlett
Picture of Rob Bartlett
Phil Lempert
Supermarket Guru
Picture of Phil Lempert
Lou Palumbo
Corporate Security Expert
Picture of Lou Palumbo
Vitora Canelli
Picture of Vitora Canelli
Col. Ken Allard
Military Analyst
Picture of Col. Ken Allard
Joe Besecker
Emerald Asset Management
Picture of Joe Besecker
Donald Trump, Jr.
Trump Organization
Picture of Donald Trump, Jr.
Dennis Gartman
The Gartman Letter
Picture of Dennis Gartman
Mike Norman
Fox News Business Contributor
Picture of Mike Norman
Joe Francis
"Girls Gone Wild" Founder
Picture of Joe Francis
Lt. Col. Rick Francona
Military Analyst
Picture of Lt. Col. Rick Francona
Joshua McCarroll
Red Eye McConaughey Correspondent
Picture of Joshua McCarroll
Greg Proops
Picture of Greg Proops
Jamie Lissow
Picture of Jamie Lissow
B.D. Freeman
Picture of B.D. Freeman
Jim Norton
Picture of Jim Norton
Clinton Sparks
Picture of Clinton Sparks
Johnny Avello
Las Vegas Oddsmaker
Picture of Johnny Avello
T. Boone Pickens
Texas Oil Executive
Picture of T. Boone Pickens
Jamie Dimon
JP Morgan CEO
Picture of Jamie Dimon
Ted Turner
CNN Founder
Picture of Ted Turner
Ron Geraci
Picture of Ron Geraci
Matt McCall
Penn Financial Group
Picture of Matt McCall

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