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Political Analysts, Media, Pundits, Contributors, Etc. - Page 3

Sara Taylor
GOP Strategist
Picture of Sara Taylor
Jessica Echard
Republican Strategist
Picture of Jessica Echard
Amanda Terkel
Picture of Amanda Terkel
Carrie Sheffield
Political Columnist
Picture of Carrie Sheffield
Caroline Heldman
Politcal Science Professor
Picture of Caroline Heldman
Maria Cardona
Clinton Campaign Advisor
Picture of Maria Cardona
Bonnie Erbé
Politcal Columnist
Picture of Bonnie Erbe
Charmaine Yoest
Republican Strategist
Picture of Charmaine Yoest
Angela McGlowan
Republican Strategist
Picture of Angela McGlowan
Carly Fiorina
McCain Advisor
Picture of Carly Fiorina
Hilary Rosen
Huffington Post
Picture of Hilary Rosen
Beth Frerking
The Politico
Picture of Beth Frerking
Jill Hazelbaker
Republican Strategist
Picture of Jill Hazelbaker
Medea Benjamin
Code Pink Co-Founder
Picture of Medea Benjamin
Cristin Patti
Republican Pollster
Picture of Cristin Patti
Julie Menin
NY Democratic Official
Picture of Julie Menin
Noelle Nikpour
Republican Political Consultant
Picture of Noelle Nikpour
Alice Stewart
Former Huckabee Advisor
Picture of Alice Stewart
Sophia Nelson
Picture of Sophia Nelson
Karen Finney
DNC Comm. Dir.
Picture of Karen Finney
Mary Smith
Denver Republican Party Chairwoman
Picture of Mary Smith
Heather Smith
Rock The Vote
Picture of Heather Smith
Linda Douglass
Obama Senior Advisor
Picture of Linda Douglass
Maria Teresa Petersen
Voto Latino
Picture of Maria Teresa Petersen
S.E. Cupp
Picture of S.E. Cupp
Sarah Palin
Governor of Alaska
Picture of Sarah Palin
Megan Ortagus
Foundation for Defense of Democracies
Picture of Megan Ortagus
Judith Miller
Manhattan Institute
Picture of Judith Miller
Melanie Sloan
Picture of Melanie Sloan
Kristina Rasmussen
National Taxpayers Union
Picture of Kristina Rasmussen
Michelle Bachmann
MN Congresswoman
Picture of Michelle Bachmann
Tamika Mallory
National Action Network
Picture of Tamika Mallory
Andrea Kendall-Taylor
Center for a New American Security
Picture of Andrea Kendall-Taylor
Capri Cafaro
Democratic Strategist
Picture of Capri Cafaro
Erin Billings
Roll Call
Picture of Erin Billings
Penny Lee
Democratic Strategist
Picture of Penny Lee
Kristen Silverberg
US Ambassador to EU
Picture of Kristen Silverberg
Tracy Sefl
Democratic Strategist
Picture of Tracy Sefl
Jeanne Cummings
Picture of Jeanne Cummings
Alexandra Pelosi
Documentary Filmmaker
Picture of Alexandra Pelosi
Shannon O'Neil
Council on Foreign Relations
Picture of Shannon O'Neil
Meghan McCain
Picture of Meghan McCain
Zahra Buck
Democratic Strategist
Picture of Zahra Buck
Rudi Bakhtiar
Alliance Of Iranian Americans
Picture of Rudi Bakhtiar
Tara Dowdell
Democratic Strategist
Picture of Tara Dowdell
Taylor West
Democratic Consultant
Picture of Taylor West
Heather Higgins
The Randolph Foundation
Picture of Heather Higgins
Hannah Giles
Picture of Hannah Giles
Jane Hamsher
FireDogLake Blogger
Picture of Jane Hamsher
Mercedes Schlapp
Republican Political Consultant
Picture of Mercedes Schlapp
Nicole Kurokawa
Independent Women's Forum
Picture of Nicole Kurokawa
Emily Cadei
Picture of Emily Cadei
Erica Payne
Democratic Strategist
Picture of Erica Payne
Krystal Ball
Virginia Democratic Politician
Picture of Krystal Ball
Lynn Forester de Rothschild
Political Fundraiser
Picture of Lynn Forester de Rothschild
Kristen Soltis
Republican Strategist
Picture of Kristen Soltis
Kasie Hunt
Political Reporter
Picture of Kasie Hunt
Elise Jordan
GOP Strategist
Picture of Elise Jordan
Kristi Noem
Picture of Kristi Noem
Kayleigh McEnany
Political Contributor
Picture of Kayleigh McEnany
Dee Dee Benkie
Republican Strategist
Picture of Dee Dee Benkie
Karen Nussle
Republican Strategist
Picture of Karen Nussle
Maggie Haberman
Picture of Maggie Haberman
Victoria DeFrancesco Soto
Latino Decisions
Picture of Victoria DeFrancesco Soto
Cathy Lynn Taylor
GOP Strategist
Picture of Cathy Lynn Taylor
Jennifer Psaki
Democratic Strategist
Picture of Jennifer Psaki
Susan Del Percio
Republican Strategist
Picture of Susan Del Percio
Anna Palmer
Picture of Anna Palmer
Betsy Woodruff
The Daily Beast
Picture of Betsy Woodruff
Sara Murray
Political Contributor
Picture of Sara Murray
Erin McPike
Political Journalist
Picture of Erin McPike
Caitlin Huey-Burns
Picture of Caitlin Huey-Burns
Nomiki Konst
Political Analyst
Picture of Nomiki Konst
Julie Pace
Associated Press
Picture of Julie Pace
Lisa Lerer
Associated Press
Picture of Lisa Lerer
Susan Ferrechio
Washington Examiner
Picture of Susan Ferrechio
Samantha Vinograd
National Security Analyst
Picture of Samantha Vinograd
Meridith McGraw
Picture of Meridith McGraw
Jessica Tarlov
Democratic Strategist
Picture of Jessica Tarlov
Ashley Pratte
Political Analyst
Picture of Ashley Pratte
Jeanne Zaino
Political Analyst
Picture of Jeanne Zaino
Gina Loudon
Conservative Commentator
Picture of Gina Loudon
Eboni Williams
Political Analyst
Picture of Eboni Williams
Christy Setzer
Democratic Strategist
Picture of Christy Setzer
Kristin Tate
Political Columnist
Picture of Kristin Tate
Sarah Isgur Flores
Republican Strategist
Picture of Sarah Isgur Flores
Catherine Rampell
The Washington Post
Picture of Catherine Rampell
Anne Gearan
The Washington Post
Picture of Anne Gearan
Penny Nance
Concerned Women for America
Picture of Penny Nance
Morgan Ortagus
Political Strategist
Picture of Morgan Ortagus
Maeve Reston
Political Reporter
Picture of Maeve Reston
Julie Bykowicz
Political Reporter
Picture of Julie Bykowicz
Olivia Beavers
Picture of Olivia Beavers
Olivia Nuzzi
The Daily Beast
Picture of Olivia Nuzzi
Lily Adams
Political Analyst
Picture of Lily Adams
Emily Ekins
Cato Institute
Picture of Emily Ekins
Bianna Golodryga
Picture of Bianna Golodryga
Marie Harf
Political Contributor
Picture of Marie Harf
Susan Hennessey
Political Contributor
Picture of Susan Hennessey
Allie Beth Stuckey
Political Blogger
Picture of Allie Beth Stuckey
Kelly Grace Gibson
Democratic Strategist
Picture of Kelly Grace Gibson
Katrina Pierson
American Tea Party
Picture of Katrina Pierson
Danielle McLaughlin
Political Contributor
Picture of Danielle McLaughlin
Angela Rye
Political Commentator
Picture of Angela Rye
Marjorie Clifton
Democratic Strategist
Picture of Marjorie Clifton
Grace Rauh
Spectrum News
Picture of Grace Rauh
Natasha Bertrand
Business Insider
Picture of Natasha Bertrand
Julie Hirschfeld Davis
New York Times
Picture of Julie Hirschfeld Davis
Alexi McCammond
Axios Deputy News Editor
Picture of Alexi McCammond
Sabrina Siddiqui
The Guardian
Picture of Sabrina Siddiqui
Nancy Cook
Picture of Nancy Cook
Arlette Saenz
Political Reporter
Picture of Arlette Saenz
Erin Banco
Picture of Erin Banco
Jackie Alemany
The Washington Post
Picture of Jackie Alemany
Antonia Ferrier
Republican Strategist
Picture of Antonia Ferrier
Eliana Johnson
Picture of Eliana Johnson
Karoun Demirjian
The Washington Post
Picture of Karoun Demirjian
AshLee Strong
Political Analyst
Picture of Ashlee Strong
Laura Barron-Lopez
Picture of Laura Barron-Lopez
Lauren Claffey
Former DHS Employee
Picture of Lauren Claffey
Marsha Catron
Former DHS Employee
Picture of Marsha Catron
Kimberly Guilfoyle-Newsom
Trump Advisor
Picture of Kimberly Guilfoyle-Newsom
Johanna Maska
Former Obama Aide
Picture of Johanna Maska
Courtney Subramanian
USA Today
Picture of Courtney Subramanian
Laura Fink
Political Analyst
Picture of Laura Fink
Alyssa Farah
Political Advisor
Picture of Alyssa Farah
Libby Denkmann
Political Reporter
Picture of Libby Denkmann
Alexandra Rojas
Political Contributor
Picture of Alexandra Rojas
Kate Andersen Brower
Political Contributor
Picture of Kate Andersen Brower
Morgan Chalfant
The Hill
Picture of Morgan Chalfant
Zerlina Maxwell
Political Analyst
Picture of Zerlina Maxwell
Alayna Treene
Political Contributor
Picture of Alayna Treene

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